JESUS…. as usual I haven’t made the time to write my thoughts down. Things have been crazy with getting things done with the movie and all. With such a small group of people working on things it has been a little insane at times, but have no fear I’m alive and well.

Its about 5 pm and I’ve been locked behind my desk since 9 am with the exception of a little jaunt to Big City Soup for some killer Clam Chowder and a hummus wrap. MMMMMMM. Its has been difficult to get out of the office at times lately, but I can just feel the importance of taking breaks so that my brain and eyes can have a break. Everything in moderation right?

Here’s the trailer for “Since We Last Spoke”:


Cody did a great job on the editing and I’m stoked with the Murder by Death song. I get bored easily with a lot of music that they use in ski movies the last couple of years. People get way too “indie” for their own good…and they probably don’t even know what the word “indie” means anyways. It reminds me of the NOFX album “Punk in Drublc” when at the end there is a soundbite of a guy saying “I’m more punk than you!” Same shit different day.

We are only about a month and a half from leaving on tour and making a go of all of this. I’m anxious to get out there, but I know how much work is ahead of us and it is sometimes overwhelming. I’m always up for a good day of hard work and a challenge though. Here are the confirmed dates for the West Coast:

The Break Your Binding Tour 2007

9-28 Salt Lake City, UT WORLD PREMIERE @ OSH Building U of U
9-29 Carbondale, CO @ Colorado Rocky Mountain School
9-30 Denver, CO @ Tivoli Center
10-1 Steamboat, CO @ Steamboat Mtn. Theater
10-3 Vail, CO @ Vail Mountain School
10-4 Summit County, CO @ Dillon Dam Brewery
10-5 Boulder, CO @ CU Boulder
10-10 Logan, UT @ Utah Theater
10-12 Bozeman, MT @ The Procrastinator / MSU
10-13 Missoula, MT @ The Crystal Theater
10-15 Sandpoint, ID @ The Panida Theater
10-16 Seattle, WA @ University of Washington HUB Theater
10-17 Portland, OR @ Kennedy School
10-18 Corvallis, OR @ Oregon State University
10-18 Montreal, Quebec @ McGill University
10-20(Sat) Eugene, OR @ Berg’s Ski shop
10-22(Mon) Bend, OR @ Old St. Francis School House
10-23(Tue) Boise, ID @ The Flicks
10-24(Wed) Hailey, ID @ Southern Idaho Community College
10-25(Thur) Reno, NV @ University of Nevado/Reno
10-27(Sat) Lake Tahoe Community College/Duke Theater
11-2(Fri) Flagstaff, AZ @ N. AZ University
11-3 (Sat) Albuquerque, NM @ The Guild Theater
11-4 Santa Fe, NM @ Santa Fe Film Center
11-5 (Mon.) Durango, CO @ Abbey Theater
11-7 Crested Butte, CO @ The Majestic Theater
11-9 Brunswick, ME @ Bowdoin College NET Film Festival
11-11 Durham,NH @ University of New Hampshire
11-12 Manchester, NH @ College Southern New Hampshire University
11-13 Lebanon, NH @ Dartmouth University
11-15 Burlington, VT @ University of Vermont

Hopefully I’ll get to catch up with some of my old friends from around the country. Drop me an email if you are anywhere near a premiere!




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