The reaction

One of the fun parts about sharing things with your friends is to see different reactions to situations and ideas. Showing “Since We Last Spoke” to some close friends the last couple of days has been no different. The reactions vary and often times it has started a really great discussion about things going on in the Telemark world, but the one thing that has me excited is simply the fact that everyone has loved it so far.

Everything is coming together nicely this week….yesterday I was able to nail down some more tour dates, poster printing, cover art, and a few other things. Needless to say I’m stoked because the task pile was beginning to feel a little overwhelming. I’m motivated to get as much done in the next 5 days as possible though so that we stay on schedule and I can get out of town with the girlfriend next week and not be completely stressed out. That would be amazing.

Time is ticking and summer is going to be coming to a close in two months. I’m already stoked about the fall time and getting out on the road again. Most of the Monster Squad is moving here it sounds like and we should have a really sick winter with all of the Lipstick crew kicking around the SLC. Olearain is actually moving here next week…so I have to help him get settled in and find a place. The rest sound like they are coming in December.

let the fun begin.



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