Its a good morning

I put a little dash of cinnamon in my coffee to add some pizazz to my morning endeavors. Erica is the culprit of this culinary secret as she is with most of the good things that go on with food within the confines of our apartment. God bless her for her eclectic style of mixing and matching flavors for without them I would be lost in a whirlwind of Top Ramen, eggs, and toast.

This weekend proved to be a good outing as we ventured off to the Warp Tour to catch some music and enjoy the scorching 100+ heat of the SLC desert. I have been going to Warp tour since its inception in the mid 90s and I have never seen a line this long to get in! It was incredible how many people came out for this event. The morning list of bands was nothing really to speak of so we caught ourselves walking around the fairgrounds “just looking”. My brother Lorin had the opportunity to play a few acoustic sets at the Skull Candy tent throughout the day, so we went to those to show support and see some friends.

As for my top 5 bands I saw @ Warp this year:

1. Pennywise
2. Bad Religion
3. The Unseen
4. Killswitch Engage
5. New Found Glory

Not a bad afternoon at all for 25 bones.

On another note we spent last night watching a documentary called “Loose Change” about the events that took place on 9-11. It suggests that the US government was actually responsible for the events that took place on that day and I’ll be honest the evidence was fairly convincing. I had heard about this movie for quite some time and sort of blew off watching because it seemed “out there”. However after watching it, I must say I’m intrigued and interested to read more on the subject.

Just the thought of the government being involved in something like this is so crazy it makes me squirm….If anyone out there has any thoughts or information on the subject please drop me an email with the links to it.

The week ahead is promising with lots of good work in store and good times. Summer continues to pass by so quickly it is amazing that we are really getting anything done.



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