Back in the Captains Seat

Mondays seem distant to me. Distant in the sense that as the week begins I often feel like I’m on a different planet where my brain works slowly and my movements are slow and sluggish. Maybe I’m an alien. It’s as if I’m paralyzed, frozen from time to time not knowing exactly what to do in the coming moments. My organization feels off and I can’t quite pin point where to begin. I sit with “To Do” lists in front of me as if that is supposed to mean something. Hmmm…

Well…Well…I guess that is how the cookie crumbles eh? It is the first week of July and I hate bills. Why the fuck do the majority of my bills seem to fall on the 1st of the month? I’m sure that I’m exaggerating but have no mercy when it comes to speaking of these “things”. I’ll survive though as I always do. I mean come on when I realize in week #2 of the month that life is like Monopoly I begin to enjoy spending paper money and buying things. I usually end up passing GO and landing on a few sushi nights with a few rounds of delicious sake and its all great.

My new thing as of late is skateboarding to and from work. I’ve decided that I can only enjoy my grand game of Monopoly if I have a bank to play with and that means that I have to quit buying 3$/Gallon gas and paying for parking. So I’m a shredder if you will….I brew a nice cup of coffee in the morning and then surf the concrete wave around town throughout the day. Its been a riot so far and I plan on doing it as much as I can in the future

Random thought #? : I have been working on some new tunes and polishing up some old ones to get ready for some recording. It has been extremely refreshing to start writing about some fresh subjects on life and I’m anxious to start playing out before the summer is over. I’ll be posting some stuff when I get it done, so if you have any interest in new music or to see what crazy idea I have about music….stay tuned to my blogging.

Cheers to everyone in the world that takes the time to read my thoughts. Please feel free to give any feedback. I’m intrigued by others thoughts and perceptions.



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