The last few weeks

Jesus! Would be the appropriate exclamation for not having written any of my crazy thoughts for the past few weeks. I often have said how it clears my head a bit to write and yet I have problems finding the time to sit down and do so because of my cluttered schedule. Isn’t that ironic!

The past few weeks have been delicious nonetheless as I have been busy working on various things including the near completion of our first movie “Since We Last Spoke”. I owe so much to my bro and partner Cody Smith who has slaved the last 8 months trying to gather all the needed footage for the release as well as doing the editing. Sometimes I think we are crazy for the things that we do, but I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else. Cody is the man. If you want a glimpse into his life you can check out: Cody Smith .

Now that the movie is nearing completion, it is nice to start turning my attention to other things in my life. Summer is always nice because it means I can chill out in the evenings a bit more and drink some wine, play guitar, and spend time with my girl. I’ve been wanting to start writing some new music with my good friend Andrew Hintze, who I used to play with in my old band j.r fairshot. We have talked about resurrecting the project and possibly recording some songs over the summer. If time allows I would be really into that. I know that I have a lot on my mind, but really haven’t had the time to articulate any of it into writing or lyrics….the release would be nice. I’ve been jamming some of my old songs on my acoustic for the past few weeks and trying to get my voice back into shape…so we’ll see where all of that goes.

I would like to thank anyone out there who may read this for supporting my projects, whatever they may be. It is nice to have met so many cool people in the world that care about freeheel skiing, music and all of the other things I want to see people involved in. Thank you!



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