Eating slower

Yesterday was such a fucking great day. Please excuse the expletives but it was just one of those days that sunk in deeper than usual, and for no other reason than it was just relaxing. I was up and off to work way before I actually wanted to get out of my bed, but it was so slow that all i did was really just sit around and read my book and relax. The afternoon was great though. Erica and I spent the day walking around town and doing some shopping for her. I spent my time helping her with my input and keen fashion sense(haha) as well as some good old fashioned people watching, one of my all time favorite past times. People are really funny to observe, and I’m sure that I do my part in adding a good laugh to peoples afternoons as well, with my funny haircut and big sunglasses. Maybe that is really our true purpose of being on this planet is to provide a laugh for people that watch us on a daily basis??? That would make a hell of a lot more sense to me than a lot of the other big “Why am I here schemes” I’ve heard during my lifetime. I’ll check in more to that theory and comment on it more later.

As for the evening…I was reminded of how to enjoy a meal. My mom wanted to go out to dinner to a small little restaurant that we have been going to for years, a place where I washed dishes when I was 16 years old. It’s a small Italian/Mediterranean place near where I grew up that is an experience like no other. The decor is simple, the atmosphere calming, and the food is incredible. Everything is made from scratch, so it takes quite a bit of time for one to sit down, order and receive the food. Perfect time to chat, discuss, drink a glass of wine, and reconnect with good people, something that we seem to be forgetting as everyone’s days become busier. Our meal took somewhere around 2 hours from start to finish and helped me remember some of the simple things of life that help us remain sane: quiet conversation, good food & drink, friends, and family.

Here’s to remembering how to slow down and enjoy things at a snails pace from time to time.



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