Living the High Rise

This past week has been absolutely nuts and extremely draining with the move into my new office in downtown SLC. I’ll admit though, its pretty cool being here early in the morning and just sitting in a quiet office by myself looking out the window into the DT area with all the old buildings. The office atmosphere is already proving to be quite productive and it should since there are very few distractions around us. At this point I don’t even have a desk! Ha! I have just been sitting in the corner with my laptop and notebooks all around me….it seems unorganized a little bit right now, but I think I’m more stoked about the idea…so it really doesn’t matter.

I’m going to be editing my segment for the Lipstick movie in the next week or so and we are pushing pretty hard on a few other things involved with that project so we can move onto that. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to have my hand in the process from start to finish this time around, from music to skiing, to editing. It will be a really cool experience that I’m looking forward to.

Well gente. I’m off for the day…so I can become immersed in my work. My girlfriend is out of town for the weekend, so keeping busy with projects will be key to having a good time while she’s gone.




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