Brain storming

I really think that brainstorming is the spice of life and the activity that proves to be most productive in my life. I love those times every week when I sit down with a good friend or someone I am working on a project with and I just let my mouth run and brain think of all the crazy ideas that it can possibly come up with. In a sense it is like going back to kindergarten when we all used to sit in a circle and come up with ideas in a group and then execute them. I guess life really doesn’t change a whole lot over the years, or at least it shouldn’t. This morning I had my little “storming” session for our current lipstick project and it just gets me so stoked. This morning we took the time to proof a few of the segments we have been working on and then go over some of the biz items for the week. It gets my blood flowing and helps me get my stoke on for the week.

I finally quit being a total pussy this morning and started doing a full work out at the gym. I have been running for the last 3 weeks, but had avoided an actual weight program. I guess I was telling myself that I didn’t have the extra time to spend at the gym, but I just got up an hour earlier and amazingly I had enough time. Go figure…if you get up an hour earlier, you have an extra hour to do stuff. What a concept. So hopefully I’ll be in shape by the end of the summer. I mean with how old my ass is getting I gotta keep up on it. Haha.

If everyone wasn’t already reminding me of my age lately, I also received an email about my 10 year high school reunion that is going to be this summer. I know that it is extremely “uncool” to go to reunions, but I am not going to lie that I’m intrigued by the thought of seeing all the kids I went to school with. I didn’t even really hang with anyone during those years anyway, but I figure this might be a grand opportunity to get really drunk and go and see whats up with people 10 years later. Ah…the simple things that make one happy. Here’s to a good week.



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