I like the ski world i live in

The last couple of days have really hit some new nerves within me that I wasn’t really aware of before. The events that took place at Virginia tech were so atrocious and “weird” to me that I’m still stuck in an abyss of emotions and discomfort. In one simple term, the entire occurrence sucks. I just hope that at some point shit like this stops…and I don’t have to feel worried about doing anything in this world due to the fear that people like this cause all of us. My thoughts go out to the families and victims.

Although there has been tragedy in the world at large…my small little telemark world that surrounds me seems to be moving forward in a generally good direction with some very positive momentum. The entire west coast part of the tour is close to finished and I am looking forward to beginning my endeavors on the right coast of the US in the next few days. I’ll be honest that the East and mid-west are going to be interesting for the mere fact that I do not know the areas at all and will be relying on instinct and any help I find along the way. So if anyone reads this that has some Freeheelin’ buddies anywhere out that way…drop me a line. please.

On the subject of touring- My little brother has been out on tour for about a month and a half and I’m super stoked and happy for him. Although he has been touring on and off for some time, this one he has been doing all alone and traveling to some really new parts of the country. I admire him for that. It is also nice to know that I have people in my immediate family living out there passions and aspirations. I feel fortunate to have these types of people around me in my friends and family…it makes me much more happy. If anyone has a chance to check his tunes out and see a show DO IT. Check out

peace out.



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