Making progress

I feel like I’m getting into more of a groove now that skiing is over. Coming to the home office is pretty chill and I’m working out at the gym more consistently in the mornings, which has been a total bonus. Gotta get ride of the chub that I put on from too many PBRs and late night burritos sessions during the season. Cody and I had a great brainstorm this morning about Lipstick shit, so I’m stoked as usual for all of the crazy ideas that we are brewing up for the coming months.

I don’t know what I would do with my life if I didn’t have the free choice to make what I wanted. I just fucking love life! Its always good to me…no matter how shitty a day is and how frustrating things can be, I can always sit down and realize how cool this adventure on earth really is. Its essentially the best playground anyone could have. I know I’m getting all sloppy on ya…too philosophical? maybe…but sometimes I just gotta vent a bit.

God…i was trying to think about things that I’ve been doing lately that are really influencing my moods and it is definitely apparent that I have been picking up some of my old favorite records and watching some movies that are really inspiring to me. I’ve been rocking tons of DESCENDENTS lately and I finally got to watch “American Hardcore” which was a brilliant movie about the late ’70s and early ’80s hardcore punk scene in the US. I am completely captured by the passion and stoke of these individuals that toured the country to share a message to kids willing to listen. Its that fire that so many people lose as life starts to pass them by. I guess that is why I still Telemark ski as much as I can…i still feel like it helps me keep the fire lit inside.

Well the week is off to a bang and I’m ready for all the fun to come….haha. If I don’t make it back by Wednesday for another entry about life then you know that the work load killed me.



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