The Heat Wave

Man….I’m am so sore right now. I know that someone out there is thinking “Madsen…it is because you are old!” However I beg to differ. I merely crashed too much the last few days, which is a valid excuse for my wining and bitching. Oh well….I guess I just need something to complain about this morning. Ya know, come to think of it I haven’t had a cup of coffee this morning which could be the reason for my grumpy ramblings. I guess I’ll take care of that pronto after my little writing session.

The last two days we spent up at The Canyons resort in Utah filming with some of the lipstick boys and girls. I’m super impressed with the drive and devotion of these young kids this year…it gets me stoked to think of the potential of these kids in the future. I really feel like the first wave has begun and this new group is ready to set the new standard for what can be done. Brace yourselves.

The Canyons has been extremely accommodating to us this season and especially this season with building us sick features to film on so that our vid looks good. Its nice to have my local mountain making the effort to progress forward! I couldn’t have a better situation. Next year should be even better if they continue this trend.

Well….Well….I’m going to get back to rocking out to some DESCENDENTS and get some work done.



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