What the hell happened

The blogging experience is always something that I have been fond of for the mere reason that I can get on the computer at the end of the day and jot my thoughts down for the day, speak of frustrations and anything else that is going on. The only problem the last 3 months or so is that there has never ever really been an “end” to my day. This has sucked and at the same time has been a great thing.

So many great things have happened in the past little while that have made me a believer in the things we have set out to do as a film company as well as with . I can’t complain about much these days. The sport I love is growing by the day…not by the thousands, but one-by-one, which is the true way of growth. People then become bricks of loyalty to the sport the love, which is far more important to me.

Spring has snuck up on me here in Salt Lake and the winter never really seemed to come in full force this year, something that I’m not extremely happy about. For the first time in years I’m having a difficult time accepting the end of the season. I think a lot of it has to do with the movie project and just wanting to go and film more athletes, but also on a personal level. I am feeling 100% healthy and stoked to keep learning more and more on the gear. There is talk of doing a trip this summer to S. America, so that could rad…and there is always the water ramps so I can jump around. We’ll see what happens with all of that. Until then….its time to make the last push of filming and then putting the whole thing together. I’m looking forward as well to covering the Telemark events going on in the southern hemisphere this summer. Happy week everyone!



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