The world can be sad

I just arrived in Salt Lake City last night and today is really my first day getting back into the swing of things with work. The one thing on my mind today, although I’ve been trying to push it to the back of my mind, is the tragedy that occurred while I was gone @ Trolley Square. A random gun man went on a rampage killing 5 people and then was killed by an off duty police officer. I was in Connecticut at the time with my girlfriend, but it hits close to home with the fact that I work part time at The Hard Rock cafe (located in Trolley).
I went there today to see how things were going and it is definitely an eerie feeling. Just two days ago the restaurant was packed with people and one of the victims that was shot was passed out and bleeding on our bar floor.
It is easy to feel desensitized to these types of things when they happen in a far off place, but this really makes me realize the impact it can have on everyone around me. Their feelings, thoughts, and security. Unfortunately our beautiful world is easily tarnished by those that fail to see the good around them.
On a better note, my confidence in the world surrounding Telemark skiing continues to grow. The event this past weekend at Stowe, VT was great with several new faces showing up and showing us that there are even more kids out there that are stoked on Freeheel skiing. I hope they continue to spread the word as their stoke grows as well.
The next few weeks are going to be healing time for me. I have severely bruised my ribs and have to sit out for a bit to get better. I’m planning on lots of work on and Lipstick stuff though, which will be nice. We are privaleged to have Joonas Karhumaa coming into town to film with us for a week though, so I’m stoked about that as it will make our movie that much better.

Look at all the good.



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