Too long as usual

Just like the dumbass i can be at times…i have not been good at keeping my thoughts down at all and that definitely blows. Oh well. I’m sure I can catch you up with my life and all that is going on. Telemark Skiing. Okay there ya have it folks, that is my life since we last spoke…haha.

So many good things have happened in the past few months. Other than the snow being horrible in Utah, all of my projects are running smoothly and I’m proud of the success that I have been seeing with and my new film company Lipstick films that I own w/ my bro Cody Smith. We put out a teaser on the site: and are really excited with the response that we are getting right now.

The trade shows went well and there is definitely growth in the future with everything. This week is just flying by as well…I am off to Vermont for the Telemark slopestyle on Saturday. I’ll be judging and sponsoring the event. It will be exciting to see all of the new faces out from the woods of the right coast. I’m looking forward to it.

270 out @ the Rail Garden, SLC



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