back from the holiday

I have never been huge on holidays but this past weekend was definitely one of the best times I have had in a very long time. Although prying me away from my work was a bit of a task at first I soon found myself enjoying time with friends and family. It actually brings me to believe that I could use a couple of days off here or there to keep my sanity in check.
The mountians were dusted with some new snow over the last 4 days as well which made for nice days of cruisin’ and the sun shine was a great addition to the mood factor. It was great to get away and ski with other people and open up the mountain in a different way than I usual ride. Sometimes I forget to slow down and experiment with all the options on the slopes around me. It is not always about going fast and big and I’m slowly realizing what it means to reinvent style and perception on a daily basis.
Today it is back at work and getting ready for the coming months that are jam packed with lots of great adventures. We are launching Lipstick films, going to the East coast, US Open and much much more…all i can say is I’m stoked for what’s to come.



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