Solo day

I think more than ever I am finding it difficult to get away for some alone time…which is really essential to my well being. Life has been so hectic over the past few months especially and there hasn’t been much time to breath on my own. All of this is fine because I love every minute of it, but today I decided to take some time to myself and go shred solo.
There really hasn’t been much new snow in the last few days and I was amped on cruising the jib park @ Brighton for the majority of the morning. More than anything I just focused on smooth runs, linking tricks and having fun. There is nothing like a silent day where my thoughts are alone inside my head and I find an inner zone that I can spend time analyzing myself and what is going on around me.
I managed to make it back this afternoon to some work and have been focusing on getting back to people on emails and phone calls. I am however determined to spend some time with my girl and my family over the weekend and can’t wait for a few days of down time.



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