Big one

Monday morning is back and its going to be a big day for everyone. Skied some killer pow up at Brighton, UT yesterday. The trees were finally filling in and the new dump was light and fast. I was amped to get out this morning and do some shots, but we (the FHL and Lipstick boys) have had a big weekend. Eventful none the less.
I sent Cody and Joe up to Tamarack, ID and on their way there they had transmission problems and had to come back to SLC to switch out cars. Major pain in the ass because they ended up driving all night just to get there for some meetings in the morning. Those guys rule… Mission accomplished though and we made some killer relationships for the future.
Everyone is heading home for the holidays so the next two days are crunch time for sure. I have a feeling I might be on the computer for the next few days working on various projects and trying to get things knocked out before the holidays hit hard.
It has been rad to see the work load increase and things start to happen these past few months. On top of that…I have been loving the freshies and just the fact that I can get out and ski with my friends. Those are definitely the things that keep my happy. So on that note…the week has officially begun. bring on the work.



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