Holy shit….it is 1 am and I felt like I needed to sit here and write down my thoughts for a moment and decompress a bit. The last week has been of epic proportions. I’m stoked out of my mind for all of the great attention that my various projects are getting for the mere fact that it is fun to share what I love to do with other people. The Monster squad had great 1 page article in Telemark skier magazine, which is great for them. I was also so happy to open up a double page of Erin Young slaying urban in Denver. The times are changing and it is so rad to be amidst so many great people and friends sharing these experiences.

Tomorrow should be fun as I get to spend the day with the Rossignol Telemark athletes from all over and get to know them a bit better. I made the switch from Karhu a couple of weeks ago and I am looking forward to becoming part of this new family and making a comfortable home to grow and learn in. I don’t know much of what we’ll be doing, although I can only anticipate great a talk forum always in beneficial.

Well the eyes are sleepy…so I am off for tonight.




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