On the stix

The last four days have been a great change in the pace of everything. After having spent months and months of working on different projects and getting ready for the season, it was finally time to meet up with some friends and get on the skis. We spent the last four days at Brighton which was killer. Jeff Rutkowski came in from Boulder and Cody Smith moved into SLC for good for the winter, so we had a great group of both Utah and newbies to shred with. The energy is so high this season and the anticipation is exciting to watch. The emails and phone calls are daily from the group of freeheelers we are working with and it is amazing to see the changes that are bound to come.
Life for me is rad. Busy as usual, but I’m definitely learning the ins-and-outs of running things more smoothly as the days go by and I feel fortunate to have so many good friends and people working with me that are motivated and want to get shit done.
Big news for me on the ski front is that after a long term relationship w/ Karhu skis I will be making the move over to Rossignol Telemark. It is a move that I have been looking at for the past little while and one that I feel is going to produce many great things. Without going into too much detail, I’m stoked to have my ski partnership so close to home…having them in Park City. I am greatful for the people and stoke at Karhu and for what they have done for me over the past 4 years in helping me get my foot in door and move forward with my vision of freeheel skiing.
Another week begins and it should be good times all around as usual. I’m glad to be out skiing again and even more stoked to get moving more and more on these great projects we have….stay tuned.



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