The term TGIF is so incredibly cheesy and yet I can still feel the excitement flowing through my veins as I think that anything resembling a weekend is but a day away. I am racking my brain trying to think of what needs to be done this weekend, and I know that there is always something I can come up with…but I may just work on my apartment and curl up on the couch with a stack of magazines I haven’t had time to read yet. I know I have been busy when I have a stack of 5 subscriptions from last month that have yet to be attended to.
Colorado is getting pounded with snow and Utah has yet to see much. I know FHL might be out in Colorado again covering the copper opening and Lipstick is probably going to be down near the capitol building in Denver to catch Erin Young schralping some urban. So things are picking up in terms of filming and all that jazz.
The big thing right now that has me really tripping out is the huge talk of every one and their dog migrating to Utah. This is most certainly soon to be the Freeheel center of the universe, where like minded people are mobilizing to bring great things to the sport. I’ll be honest…I have never really ever seen anything like it before. Good things are to come



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