On to Missoula

Been on the road for the past few days. We took ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ up to Bozeman for a Thursday night showing. We met up with Dan Ruppel, one of the Monster Squad kids that lives in the area, and he helped us get some new faces down to check out the Freeheel movie. Good times for sure and we’ll look forward to coming back next Fall with another film sponsored tour by This has been a great learning experience to see these places and people and get a feel for what it really takes to make a great show in each area. I am definitely looking forward to learning more and more as I incorporate new ideas in future endeavors.
The greatest thing about the trip to Bozeman was not showing the movie, but being able to meet kids that have there own vision of Freeheel skiing and what it really can be. Just taking the time to speak with them and hear what they have to say is priceless to me. There is so much untapped energy in the world with all of these kids and if we can bring it all together is will be an amazing thing to watch what happens.
We’re taking off for Missoula in about 15 minutes to show the movie there and then the small tour will be done and it will be time to move on to the other projects this winter. I’ll give an update tomorrow as to how the show goes tonight. peace.



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