Off to Colorado

Up and early this morning to get some work done. I have all day and fortunately I have tonight free to get some meetings done before Erica and I take off for Boulder. Tomorrow going to meet up with Cody and we’ll head down to Scarpa to chat things up a bit with them and see how things are going. It is crazy how close the season really is. The temps have dropped tremendously in the last few days here and I pretty much have to wear a hoodie whenever I go outside, unless I wish to freeze my balls off….
The weekend should be super fun. More than anything I’m excited to see my friends again and get the time to sit down and brainstorm about all of our crazy ideas that we have for our current projects. All of the new players in the mix is something that I am really stoked about and it is definitely nice to have some fresh blood and ideas going around. More and more people are moving to Salt Lake this season and I think we are well on our way to creating a small place for like minded freeheelers. Little by little things are starting to change.



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