How things are going

I go through these phases where it becomes extremely difficult to even log into my blog and start writing about everything that is going on. The past couple of weeks have been an amazing experience in terms of growth both personally and in my business world of and other ventures.
The first leg of the tour started things off great meeting up with old friends and meeting some really key new friends that will play a big part in future projects. So I am really stoked to say the least.
The big announcement on my end right now is that Cody Smith and I just finished setting up Lipstick Films and getting our business license here in Salt Lake. Lipstick is going to be a film company focused on bringing legit movies with legit freeheelers to the forefront of the Telemark world. We have a ton of work ahead of us, but I am confident that we’ll have a great time in the process.
Today is a run around as I am trying to get out of town to go to Colorado w/ Erica for the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ shows in Golden and Boulder. Stoked to meet some new faces though and get things rolling. Until next time.



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