This is the week

The winter season commences this week for me….all of my work over the summer comes into play with the movie tour dates, website stuff, and soon skiing as well. It seems like a decade ago that I started all of this stuff and it has really been only a summer. The feeling is mostly calm…i feel like everything has been prepared properly and the shows should go off well. I am really excited to have the schools w/ Telemark teams participating in the first two premieres as it will be exciting to see all of the new faces, somewhere around 50 new ones.
This morning I really need to wake up though….god I am sitting here staring at the screen for minutes at a time with nonething to write. Usually it takes an army to shut me up about what is going on, but my brain hasn’t quite clicked on. The double shot americano should do the trick though…
The highlight of the morning thus far though has definitely been the seat warmers in my car. Leather seats seam to be cold in the mornings and it is nice to have a one push button that fixes that problem. It may not seem like a big deal, unless you understand the concept that the last car I owned (2 years) ago….was a ’69 VW bus with no Heat/AC. It could be brutal. So for nowI am going to savor the warmth. I’m sure it will come in handy more than enough times this winter.



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