I bought a car

I haven’t been very involved in my blogging world for the past week or so…things have just gotten a bit more busy as usual. I did however purchase a car two days ago. This is big news for anyone that really knows me well. I have spent the last two years walking and hoofing it over the mountains…hitchhiking and taking the greyhound to and from events and competitions. It was actually really nice not having a vehicle, but the time has come that I need it for work and to up productivity…
I scored a nice Subaru Outback so I could unite myself with all of the other hippies out there. I mean come on….what Freeheeling, granola eatin dude doesn’t drive one these days. It is obviously a choice tool for the skiing man though, so that’s what I got.
Things are coming up really quick. We are leaving for Colorado next week after the Powderwhore premiere in Salt Lake. Then we are showing the movie at CRMS and VMS. Stoked to see how those end up and hopefully we can cover costs and come home happy men.
I’ll keep a more up to date blog as the season gets going. later.



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