Snow in the forecast

Its true…although the sLC valley is super warm, storms are on the way and snow is possible in the high country! It is crazy to think that winter is just around the corner and soon enough we’ll be strapping the boards on once again to shred some pow. I even talked with my buddy erik about maybe doing some urban up by snowbird if enough snow comes down to build an in run, so we’ll have to see what happens with that. Either way, the thought is nice enough to keep the momentum going in my mind of what is to come soon enough.
I just got done reading the news online and was catching up on the lone gun man that was in Quebec shooting people up in the college cafeteria. So random? It is hard for me to believe how people can aspire to do such things knowing that they are potentially taking peoples lives as well as their own. It is always sad to see that side of humanity and see the thoughts and flaws of those that do such things.
Today is going to be another long day on the computer getting things prepped for the upcoming tour and also working on all of the other things associated with the winter. I feel as though I have taken a huge bite of dessert and my mouth is so full I can’t speak. The taste however is sweet and I seem to try and find more space to put more in. The challenge of all of this is very real, but at least I feel calm in my efforts. Good things are happening and that is really all I could really ask for!



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