Big day

Things have definitely picked up in terms of the work load the last week or so. As the ‘Smoke and Mirrors tour is getting closer it is apparent how much work really goes into making these dates happen. Each area requires the attention of a mother-like figure. Setting up PR stops for athletes, getting the newspapers and others to pick up the story and everything else. And that isn’t even half of it…haha. I love it though and I am enjoying the process thouroughly as each day comes and goes.
On top of everything with the movie tour and all events…I am still trying to get everything dialed in for the season on a personal level. Getting contracts signed and figured out, so that I can get things lined up for myself. I am looking forward to a good season of diverse projects both personal and business. I am anxious to get on the snow again and start skiing some pow and just cruising around. I guess that is what I enjoy most is just the idea of hanging out talking to my friends and enjoying a few turns. When it really comes down to it…I love all of the great things I get to do as a skier, but I don’t have a big agenda overall. Just go out and cruise around.
Been working a bit on my apartment over the wekend…painting the floor this killer brown/red color. my little place is turning into a coffee shop style lounge. I am digging it for sure. The main reason for doing all of this is so I can have a fairly inexpensive place to run things out of and give my buddies a place to crash for the winter. I hope we have a little community this winter coming in and out of here….that will be rad.

The new poster for the 'smoke and mirrors' tour



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