Thursday already

The weeks just seem to be flying by these days and it is difficult to believe that the summer of ’06 is almost gone. Work filled days seem to make time flow much quicker as generally my mind is too occupied with other tasks to pay attention to the day. I don’t mind this because to me it represents productivity and movement, which are essential to a happy existence for me. I think sometimes I need to take a breath though and take time to observe the things around me. It is easy for one to miss the beautiful details of life during the day to day bull shit. Its like when I go hiking in the moutains…I often times ‘charge’ to the top to make the summit of the mountain and sometimes I forget to take time to enjoy the simple scenery along the trail….balance is key on one’s adventures.
I just got done reading the news and was reading about this Austrian girl that was kidnapped and help in captivity for 8 1/2 years in a dark basement. She finally escaped and her captor commited suicide…..really bizaree story. I couldn’t help but think of how it must feel to lose that much time of your life. It is a very unfair for someone to take control of that as her captor did. There is definitely some weird shit out there in the world.
Things are really taking shape on as i am getting much of the content dialed in for the coming months and adding a few new features. I am really stoked about adding links to some athlete blogs and doing some things like that. We have some heavy hitters for advertising as well, which is really nice. We just picked up Rossignol along with K2, which are great accomplishments and I can only hope that they are satisfied with the results and continue to work with FHL in the future.
Another heavy work day ahead of me…mostly working on this ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ tour and putting that together. All of the dates are booked now, so now working on generating some press in the areas we will be visiting. There is only about a month to dial every detail in and make this all happen. Its a roller coaster ride for sure!



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