Not having owned a television for 3 or 4 years has been one of the best choices I have made in life merely because it gives me time to do the productive things I need and want to every day. Recently Erica and I bought LOST, a show she had told me about and I knew nothing of and started watching it. No commericials and a perfect vicarious adventure to indulge in for 40 minutes after a long day. I’ll admit I enjoy it…something about not having commericials, what a concept…I like it.
Anyways….enough about tv and all that jazz. I actually busted out the first ski movie of the year, Matchstick’s Hit list Remix and started getting on that bandwagon. It is always inspirational to watch people shred and really get after it. I really did Rory Bushfields segment, which is diverse and explosive. More movies are sure to hit the dvd player soon.
Well today is a big day too for anyone that has known me for a while. I am going to start looking for a car! I have spent the last two years taking public transportation, waliking, hitchhiking, hiking over mountians and everything else so I could use my extra money to build my business and focus on skiing. It taught me a lot and was a great experience. To be honest I am really not looking forward to having a car for most things because they cost so much. There is just so much going on this winter that I really need to be mobile for longer distances. So I’ll keep everyone up to date with what I end up with…should be a subaru.



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