The Levitation project

I’m stoked to say the least to be a part of this huge undertaking called the Levitation project…It is not like I haven’t said this in the past, but I think the reality of it sinks in deeper with each day and the coming of winter. Last night a bunch of us got together for a BBQ @ Nico’s house and it was rad to just see everyone again and catch up a bit. Sheehan was there with Carr and Poole…all the cool cats. And of course it was good to see Wissman as always. The Mongoose lives on! The trailer & Party will be dropping on SLC on Nov. 17th, so psyched for that shit as well.
Today was the early morning…my girl was off to school by 7 am…leaving my ass behind. I headed into my apartment and decided I would just get high off paint fumes if I stayed there. I ended up starting to paint the concrete floor last night and for some reason it hadn’t dried completely. Instead of frying anymore brain cells than I did last night, I opted for some breakfast alone at The Other Place. Had a killer Feta omlette….oh yeah.
Chilling at the cafe today and going to work here and enjoy some nice people watching and check out some new records that I got in the mail for review the other day…one of them being New Roman Times by Camper Van Beethoven, their newest effort which I am stoked about. I saw Cracker and Camper in SLC last week rocking a killer free show downtown. That shit took me back to junior high, when I was rocking that shit constantly on my Walkman and mix tapes. Hahahahaha….to think of how life used to be makes me realize how much the world changes, it is amazing. Life is amazing
hmmmm…nothing else for the moment, off to work.



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