Americano mornings

Before I even begin writing this morning….it is a well known fact that I may stop at any moment and leave to go and grab some espresso at the cafe up the street. It was my bright idea that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I get up with my girl at 6:30 am to get the day started and get rolling on my daily tasks. By no means is this a bad thing although the extra squinting I’m doing to see my monitor right now is defintily starting to give me a headache.
……and I’m back. It is amazing how the brisk air in the morning coupled with a little walk up the street can awake the senses a bit. And of course the warming of my hands with a new espresso in hand never hurt in the process.
Yesterday was a fairly average day of work at home on the webzine and then a night of waiting tables as usual. Unfortunately it seems as if the summer has become a little routine, something I generally try to avoid at all costs. On the up side is that great things have also been going on in the meantime. K2 telemark has signed on to advertise with us this season which is great as well as a group of other great companies in the Freeheel community. I have also been in contact with a couple of new freelance writers that are going to be contributing to the site’s content in the near future. I can’t explain the great feeling it is to have more people be a part of this project as it grows and evolves.
Another great thing yesterday was that I got a text from my friend Meg, whose band was recently signed to Doghouse records, they just finished Warp tour and now they are trying to have everyone vote for their video so that it makes it on MTV. I thought that was killer…it is fun to see your buds doing something they enjoy and really making things happen.
If you get a chance anyone that reads this…please go to and vote for Meg and Dia “monster”…….



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