The temps are getting colder

The last couple of days have been great as the temps in SLC have begun to drop just a little bit. It has been enough to get the thoughts churning about the possibilty of winter coming though and of course the thought of skiing and hanging out at the mountain with friends. Is there really more to life than these little adventures that seem to be the only things that keep us sane. Keep me sane?
I think the harsh reality of this life is that most of us go through it trying to live a life that is more accepted by those around us, but when it really comes down to it…many of us forget that the simple smile that a more ‘free’ life can bring us is really what will make this life worth living. It may seem like a vague statement, but it is all too often that I bump into people that I know from the past that tell me how they did the usual school, got married, had a kid…and now work a job that they hate. Not that any of the aformentioned things are bad or not good to have in one’s life. However, it seems that people are often rushed into getting things done because they think that upon finishing ‘the list’ that happiness in its fullness will ensue.
Life is hard…that is one thing that I have figured out over the years, and I don’t think that it is going to become any easier…so it is nice to know that there are a few things that I cherish in my life that seem to put a smile on my face no matter what…and those are the things i am going to stick to. I guess they will be the guns at my side till the day I’m gone.



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