It’s been a bit

Finally an early start to a morning…and enough time to actually sit down and drain my thoughts onto the digital paper. It has been an absolutely incredible experience the past few weeks as my work load has just piled on. The pressure of the coming winter is putting me into a bit of a crunch time to get everything done, but all in a good way. Although my brain is a little bit overloaded, I have had a great feelings of satisfaction along the way knowing what is to come.
I think my biggest accomplishment as of late is finishing the booking of this movie tour for ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ which is going to be a lot of fun. It was definitely a lot of work figuring out the details and finding the right types of places to do the events, but it has all come together nicely. It most certainly will be a huge help come next fall when I take the first FHL films release out on the road and tour that.
As things have gotten busier…it seems as though I have lost touch with many of my friends that are in the same boat right now. The other day I actually got to meet up with my friend Meg, whose band just got off of warp tour and is killing it right now! I’m so psyched for them and all of their success. Meeting up with her was great though…just to touch base with someone that has so many things going on as well in her life and can relate to that craziness. I most definitely hope to keep friends like that around for a long time.
Well….the day begins. The work load is a bit hefty today and I want to get done for this evening as Camper van Beethoven and Cracker are playing for Free at the Gallivan. I can’t believe that I get to see both in the same gig…David Lowry is a badass and this is definitely going to take me back to some younger days of listening to some of the bands that have influenced me in my life. Gonna be great.



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