I hate that feeling, the adrenaline rush that you get when you accidently fall back asleep and then for some uknown reason you wake up frantically an hour later, jumping out of bed saying “Oh shit! Oh shit!” because you are late for something. I guess it wasn’t quite the same this morning since I really had no specific place to be other than to get to my computer and start working. The event was the same though…and now I am groggy and sitting here somewhat ‘blank’ minded.
The Green tea is brewing in my cup however, and I’m hopefully that the ancient asian powers of the herb water will spark something inside and wake me up. It is a busy day ahead as usual…I have to write the news for the webzine and then send off all of the content to be uploaded tonight. Winter is definitely approaching and their is more and more news and events to be posted as well as information on companies, athletes and equipment.
On top of all of that…the time has come for me to renew things with my personal sponsors for the next year and line everything up for that. It is nice to be working with the same people that I have been for quite some time now and to have a solid relationship with all of them…it feels good to establish that and I can only hope that it will continue in the coming years.
As far as getting ready for the season, I plan on start going to the gym and getting on that schedule beginning next week and really start getting my mind and body ready for what is coming up. I will be nice to get back to the gym…the summer has been rough for keeping in the type of shape I would like, especially since all of June I wasn’t feeling well and July I had surgery. I’ll be honest it just feels good to be healthy and moving around relatively pain free. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that it continues this way and that I have a healthy season.



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