Enjoying the weekends

The last couple of weekends have been really nice. I somehow convinced myself that it was important to spend time ‘relaxing’ on the weekends and push to get my work load done during the week. What a novel idea huh?…but honestly something I couldn’t pull myself to do for some time. I am beginning to find that it is neccesary for me to have that break time from my intense thinking process. It seems to be somewhat of a healing process at the end of a long week.
I was able to do some extra sleeping as well as some work on my apartment…cleaning, painting, etc. to get it ready for the winter and create a much needed office space so I can work from home. I’m stoked. It is not my own, but a step in the right direction which is always a comforting thought.
I was planning on being home last night, but was asked the other day if I could extend my stay at my friends house while he kicks it with his lady in Southern California. I don’t blame him…who wouldn’t want to be at the beach right now? I guess they are setting up some shops for Levitation stuff too, which is really cool…they even went to the X games while they were there to do some things.
The X games were the highlight of the weekend for sure though. So inspiring to see the various athletes dominate new tricks and concepts every year. Travis Pastrana did a double backflip on a motorcyle…can you believe that shit?????? It was a amazing. I was also super intrigued by the Sk8 big Air which was a 70 ft gap to quarter pipe. Pretty cool set up to say the least. I am looking forward to seeing the X games in the winter now.



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