New Music = A better day

Ya know yesterday was one of those days that after a few consecutive ‘hard’ days, was really good. I mean for all intents and purposes…I just felt really good by the days end and could go to sleep stoked on what I had gotten done. Along with the work and the usual I took time out of my day to go to the record store and immerse myself in the records for a bit. I came to the surface with 3 new albums and a ton of new music to listen to for my own enjoyment and also review for my weekly music check! on my webzine.
I was intrigued by an article I recently read about The Early November, who just put out a 3 disc concept album, so that was a definite purchase. I then got a new band I just read about called Devotchka. Really cool jams with a various instruments including a Tuba and Accordian. And as I was walking out I saw the new Umbrellas ablum and bought that. Scott Windsor is a friend of mine and I try to purchase tunes that my friends put out as often as possible…they are out on tour, so if anyone happens to read this, definitely try to catch a show while they are in your town.
On top of buying music I was able to get down to the practice space with a good friend of mine and play some songs. We only played for about an hour, but it is so nice to have another musician to play with and on top of that the fact that we can plug in. Acoustic songs can be fun to play and write songs on, but at times the added noise is comforting and adds a lot of dynamics to the songs and how they feel. Music is such a powerful tool for those that harness what it can do for the individual. It seems to have a solution to most of our problems in this world, whether lyrically or musically.



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