I have emerged

The warm covers of the bed seemed like a better place to stay this morning than the cold house that awaited me outside the room. I’ve been saying it for the last three days how cold it has been, and it stills is. 3 days of a hoodie and counting……it may go on for months. It’s doubtful, but I guess one never knows.
Wednesday has sort of become my weekend although I tend to put a good 6+ hour day in on the computer to keep up with all of my work there. I do however look forward to the chance to often play one of the open mics around town on these nights, which may be the case this evening. Music has always had a place in my life in some way, shape, or form…it keeps me happy so I play and sing when I have the chance. If things work out during the next year, I hope to be able to do some light touring through some cafes and play for some people in other places. Who knows, maybe even put together a small record or EP to sell along the way. It would be amazing if I could survive off of skiing, the webzine, and then have the chance to travel and play music on the side. Dreamboat…..
Life has been great to me thus far. I can only hope that I can continue to enjoy every day as much as I have for the last 27 years. The one thing that is really interesting to observe in my friends and peers as time goes by, is how unhappy many of them are in their work, home, and play environments. It is absurd that anyone should hate life so much…i mean some of these people go to work every day thinking ‘I hate this job.’ It is definitely understandable that one must pay the bills and that not everything is perfect, but using the struggles as a motivation to attain better things is a much better way to look at it. I guess that is easier said than done in most cases.
I just managed to create a concoction of warmth with Hot chocolate and coffee flavored Patron, so I’ll be on way until the next time I need to have a brain spew of words…



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