Certain Things

I’ll admit I was a bit distracted by the fact that as I sat down to write this morning I saw that the dog, a bull mastif, had taken a dump on the carpet floor. This only adds to the growing list of why I’m really not into the idea of having my own dog. Sure…house sitting for a friend is one thing and I can make it through, but I just can’t imagine having my own any time soon.
It is cold this morning and another morning that merits the hoodie. It makes me feel as though winter is on the way even though I know we have months before anything even begins to hit the ground. Winter is constantly on my mind though and my responsibilities grow from day to day with the projects and things I am involved in. Although overwhelming at times, i know that it is my place.
Today is the obviously the first day of August…what happened to the summer? It went by so quickly and it is difficult to imagine that only a few months of warmth are left to be seen. So crazy. I guess their is not a ton of news going on in my life to day….hence the babbaling and rambling. The week is just full of work for me and this may have been a not even blog worthy blog.



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