Hoodies remind me of Winter

I woke up this morning to the brisk air on my face which is the only thing that was cold since I still had a mound of blankets on top of me. For a moment it seemed like maybe the temperature had dropped outside, however I realized quickly that it was the cool air pouring into the house from the air conditioner. As I arose and made my way to the bathroom I noticed the thick grey clouds that blanketed the sky over suburban Salt Lake City resulting in much cooler temps and thats when I made the crucial decision that I must put on a hoodie.
Although it is probably not cold enough to actually justify wearing a sweatshirt right now, I must admit that I enjoy nothing more then having the added layer on me with the hood up while I sit and write on my computer in the mornings. It at leas gives me a sense of winter coming in the near future and offers hope that I won’t have to endure the 105 degree weather for much longer.
The weekend turned out to be relaxing and I think that I am actually getting the hang of ‘knockin’ my work out on the Monday thru Friday schedule so I can actually enjoy some down time with friends and everyone else that I haven’t seen. My girl and I decided to check out the breakup at the dollar movie, which was kind of a shitty film if you ask me. I mean who the hell wants to watch awkward moments of couples fighting and breaking up. That sucks and on top of that the ending really wasn’t resolving at all. Oh well, I did manage to take in a couple of tall boy PBRs though, so that made up for the lack of entertainment.
I’m looking forward to this week and the work ahead, we have some rad things that we are working on for and I’m actually starting to get things rolling for my personal skiing as well, which will be a nice change of scenery….peace



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