Thank God.

It’s Friday and the week is one day away from a bit of r & r for me. Last weekend was the first time that I pushed to get my work done so I could ‘relax’ and enjoy the two day break sans the stress of work. What a concept…and at first it was a bit difficult to actually get a grasp on. I am thinking that this might be an indication of being a workaholic and I may need to seek some sort of help in the near future to remedy the situation.
Yesterday I seemed to have spent quite a bit of time in the car running errands and what not and in the process listened to the radio quite a bit. I caught the show in the evening called ‘Democracy Now’ and was very intrigued by what I heard. They were speaking with two women activists that have been fasting for 24 days in protest against the Iraq war and asking for the government to bring our troops home. The are outside of the white house and have gone into congress to speak out publically. It was very touching to see the dedication of these people for something they believed in. I think in general there is a lack of ‘passion’ in our thoughts and actions these days and many of us become complacent in our daily lives. I guess the only thing we can do is focus on our awareness of what is going on and push for personal happiness on a daily basis.



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