Girls, Slayer & vids from OZ

It has already been a great morning…the last two hours I’ve spent sipping on some Earl Grey Tea and working on the computer. I can never get enough of quiet mornings with time to think and get the day started right.
Lots of rad emails and things this morning from all over. I found out that a good girl friend of mine has decided to go down to New Zealand on her own to compete in the NZ Freeskiing open. She will be the first Telemark skier ever to enter the event and the only female telemark skier there I’m almost sure. History being made and she is taking it head on going by herself, with no place to stay yet and not really knowing much. I applaude those with that kind of desire and courage to just go and do things.
Last night I was picking up a program for my computer from a friend of mine and we got talking about old band mates and friends of ours that I haven’t seen for awhile. I found out that my buddy Seager is now a full time roadie and is on the Slayer tour right now with Thine Eyes bleed. So crazy to see where people end up, but I love to hear those stories of the modern day nomad that is seeing the world.
My friend Steve Leeder also sent in a video this morning form Australia of him skiing around Perisher blue Resort. It amazes me how small the telemark world really is sometimes and that we all know eachother around the world. FHL has definitely given me the opportunity to meet so many new people out there and see what they are doing to contribute to something they love as well. Badass to say the least.
Thursday here I come…



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