Getting it done this week

Well a bit of a late start by my standards this morning, I really haven’t done anything and its about 10 am right now. Got to bed a little late last night and had a hard time getting up and starting the day this morning. Green tea in hand and some Itunes to get me going and things seem to be okay.
Although the weather is 105 degrees outside I am most definitely finding my mind beginning to shift towards the fall and winter in anticipation of what is to come and all the rad things we have planned for the winter. The past 3 years I have really been focused on traveling and going place to place….and I most definitely love that. However this season I am even more excited to reaquaint myself with the Wasatch mtns. of Utah and really delve into the deep and get to know some new terrain and stashes. A lot of this has to do with filming with The Levitation Project and another project I’ll be working on that will be announced in the coming month. I can only hope for some deep Pow Pow.
Right now just chilling @ Nico’s house (owner of The Levitation Project) and house sitting while he is out of town doing some film clinics and a few other things. I can’t complain though…he left me a fridge full of beer and food and I get to chill with his huge Bull Mastif ‘Titan’…chillist Dog ever. Stoked to have a change of scenery to do work during the day and get out of my little apartment for a bit. Cheers to friends with dope pads!



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