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In an attempt to get back to my ‘roots’ and write more frequently I decided to hit up the old blog for a change rather than just keep a personal notebook on life, which is what I have been doing more of the past little while. However with ski season approaching in a few months, I would like to get in the habit of doing this so I can document my winter as I travel and do things.
Lately I’ve been super busy planning the editorial content for my website and trying to generate more press for what we are doing with content and especially The Monster Squad, which is our ‘up and comer’ group I put together. Telemark Skier is going to run a new story on that in September, so that’s exciting.
Other than that…just been planning the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ tour for October and November and have some great concepts going on there that should make those stops pretty fun. I have decided to hold off on some other projects I was thinking of doing at that time, so I can be present and really make these things go off.



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