Who do I ski for?

Yesterday was a bit of a shock for me in terms of my ski career…I was actually online with a friend of mine and he sent me a link to an article and all he said was “what is this all about?” So I checked out the link to find that K2 skis had just purchased Karhu/LINE, my ski sponsor!
The crazy thing from an athlete standpoint was that I had no idea what was going on or that this was even going to happen…but I spoke with them and all is good and I will still be skiing for Karhu under the K2 umbrella. I actually think that its going to be a cool move in terms of resources and hopefully opening up some more opportunities in terms of athlete participation in the development program.
Winter doesn’t seem that far away from me already as I am starting to plan out things for next fall and roughly outline my winter and filming projects. I recently found out some exciting news from The Levitation project guys as well…they will be producing a pro-model tshirt that I am going to design and people will be able to purchase it through an online store. That’s super exciting to be able to have something like that with my name on it. Last year, even having a design that I came up with was cool, but the signature thing adds an entirely new twist to the entire experience.
Filming with them should be really good next year as well…as I plan on staying in Salt Lake for most of the winter to really focus on doing that with them and building a solid part for the ’07 release. It is an exciting time right now.



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