What 3 day weekend

So am I really supposed to be taking a 3 day weekend right now? First of all I have worked the past 3 days and have to wait tables tonight and I’m beginning to think that someone misinformed me as to what I was supposed to be doing. It probably would have helped if someone would have told me that I need to make friends with boats, that know lots of hot babes and had invited me to drink coronas and get wasted while BBqing on the beach. I guess I’ll just have to hit the club scene more often, rock a puka shell necklace and pop my collar next time I feel like I need to make some friends that know how to have a good time.
All in good fun though…and I am half kidding about the weekend. I enjoy working a ton, and to be honest I never really know when holidays are happening until the day I get to work and everyone is out of town. I am going to be rocking a BBQ with the fam today though for a bit this afternoon though, so that should be nice…it is always good to see my brothers and my paps….my sis is living in Pacific Beach now near San Diego, so I’m positive that she is going to be on the beach today, that lucky bastard!
Other news is that my little bro Lorin is taking off on tour this week and I’m stoked for him and that he is getting out on the road again to push his record The New Year EP. Check it out if you get a chance at He wrote and recorded the entire thing, so its cool to see him out again rocking some shows in the surrounding states. Other music news is that I came across my Shasta Daisy Cd, a local SLC band from back in the late ’90s that killed it, so I have been jamming to those tunes for the past couple of days….if you can track a copy down you most definitely should check it out…on that note, CLOVER was killer too….i’ll have to see if I can find some of that as well.



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