I can get up early

So despite the fact that many people may think that being a skier and its summer that I may not be the type to wake up early in the morning on a consistent basis, however this morning i decided to start a new trend. My original plan was to be up by 6:30 am to begin my day and allow myself more time to do things in the morning like write, play guitar, stretch, eat better, etc. Ya know the kind of things you say that you always want to improve on, but don’t seem to get around to doing. Well….5 am rolls around and for some reason I am lying in my bed completely awake and ready to get up. “Really?” I think to myself for a moment in disbelief and try to comprehend this thought of “waking up,” prior to the sun exposing itself to the Salty city. I hear a bird chirping from outside my apartment window, which then gives me some hope, or at least creates the novelty in my head that this organic ‘early start’ to the day is going to benifit me in some way, shape, or form. God damn the bird.
An hour later I am still up and well, here I am pouring out my heart to my beautiful friend or should I say my laptop, which is keeping my legs warm while i try to adjust to the crisp air flow from the old air conditioner in my window. Although it is a bit chilly, I know that if I shut that thing off right now two things might happen:

1. It may never turn on again and leave me in dispair as the heat becomes unbearable in my humble abode.

2. I’ll end up having to turn it on again in an hour anyways and then wait for it to cool the rest of the apartment down during the rest of the day….which takes way too long.

Solution: I am going to go make another cup of coffee and then continue to warm myself with my laptop while babbling about my life as a skier in the summer of Salt Lake City.

Okay….coffee water is on the stove so I’ll finish my thoughts quickly before I have to end this…The week has been amazing in terms of getting things done. Webzine content is picking up more and more with info on NZ and Australia and I have been booking shows like crazy for The Yearbook under the name AMUSICA records, which has been a great experience as well. I’ll get into more detail later on all of that. Peace



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