Internet everywhere, summer, & skiing

man…man… has been quite the busy couple of weeks since the winter has ended and there is only the glorious end of much work ahead. Like I have said in the past, I think I thrive on being busy and overloading myself with activities. It makes me laugh at times when I realize what I do to myself, but if I were to stop for a moment I would become uncomforatble with boredom.
Today I made the big purchase….and I am now have wireless internet anywhere I go, so from now on I can work anywhere where I have cell phone service. This could mean trouble. It will actually be great for the mere fact that I can stay connected with everything at any given time. The other thing is that I realized after my pocket pc phone died over the weekend, that I am useless without my electronic devices to keep me on schedule and what not. relying on phones and computers, who would have thought when we were little shits in junior high that we wouldn’t be able to remember phone numbers and we would communicate with our friends via email….the world has changed quite a bit.
Summer is looking up in terms of great projects to work on including my skiing plans for next year, training for the summer, & I recently began AMUSICA booking and management to do booking and other things for The Yearbook, my brother’s solo music project as well as book tours for freeheellife. com and other ventures that I have on the plate. It is already turning into an exciting project in our first couple of weeks and I think it will mold nicely into the rest of my plans.
As far a skiing, I really haven’t done much in the last month and don’t really have plans to hit the glacier or down south this summer. I think I’ll be hitting the gym and then towards august I would like to get back up to the water ramps in Park City and begin doing my training for next season. That seems to have worked out best for me last season.



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