Wowza Wowza

The weekend is here again and I cannot believe it. Weekends are not really weekends for me in the traditional sense, since I generally spend my time doing work on my computer and having meetings with people that I can’t see during the week and are actually lame enough to want to meet up with me on their weekend….haha. I think if I continue this trend, i soon won’t even have time for myself and I will be forced to create alternate personalities to cope with my lack of time.
Today has been great though, I had some key meetings with people that help me with and it is amazing what the site is becoming and the new things that we are going to be adding for next season over the summer. It amazes me how fast things can grow when nutured properly and also the power of the word of mouth. It often times blows me away and I can only hope that the ride will continue for quite sometime!
A good friend of mine that I met with today, Dave showed me his design site and it is super sick. Lots of great photography and design to check out so drop by if you get a sec.
Hope everyone has a great week.



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