4 hours and going

Man….I have been sitting at the cafe for over the last 4 hours just working on shit straight through and it is hard to believe that I am nowhere close to being done with any of it. I guess when I really think about it though, a lot of this work is constant day-to-day stuff that needs to be maintained. At some point though, I am definitely going to have to hire someone to help me keep my shit straight…haha.
The season is slipping from my mind as the weather warms up here and I am completly stoked on my endeavors as of right now. is just rocking and rolling right now and I have been focusing a lot of my time and effort on that in the day time hours before work. Thus my 4 to 5 hour stints at the coffee houses daily. I am soon to get internet at my apt though as that is the only solution to not becoming ‘that guy’ at my local cafe. You know the weird dude that just chills in the corner all day long most likely looking at creepy shit on his PC and drives a white van with no windows. I don’t want people to think I am that dude….besides I run a ski website and how weird is that really. Besides I am a telemark skier for gods sake…peace, love and flower power bro.
For real though, I think my skiing is pretty much complete for the season and I am happy with the filming that I got done. My segment in PW06 will be nice and well rounded and I have a few fun shots in the Falling Forward Film. The Levitation Project stuff was a bit more difficult to get done, but I am looking foward to doing that next season. Time to hit the water ramps, weights, cardio and of course some nice BBQs and Coronas to get ready for shredding next season.
One exciting thing that I found out this week was that I will be doing the LIVE show reviews for the Kollective booking agency here in Salt Lake City and they will double as a new feature on the Music Check! LIVE. Some fun new goods for the summer!



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