Telemark Skiing has long been a part of my life…..It has been almost 14 years since I first strapped on my first pair of freeheel boards and started making turns. So much has changed since then in terms of equipment and what can be done and it has been an amazing experience to have watched to progression first hand.
Change seems to be something that many embrace and others tend to shun away for whatever reason and I always find myself wondering why that is. Since starting in August it has really come to my attention some of the resistance to change that exists. I have recieved emails and had conversations with several people wondering why I do ‘this or that’. It is more interesting to me than anything and I never really sweat that kind of thing…..I guess my only hope is that people can see a different interpretation of the sport, culture, and lifestyle that surround what we do. In terms of the website, that is really what it is all about….not just skiing but incorporating weekly bits on books, music and other things that all of us do along with our freeheel skiing frenzy.
Ten years from now… will be fun to look back and see if we were able to put a dent in the old ways of the force….Ah the young Jedi are coming.



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